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Bangladesh Marma Students’ Council was established on 24 October in 1989. On that time a social movement begins among the 2nd largest race in Chittagong hill tracts which is formed by the Marma Students’ from 3 hill places who study at different colleges and universities in Dhaka. This movement is also familiar to the Education movement of BMSC. From the beginning of its establishment, the BMSC is firmly committed to building upright and overall development for all the kinship groups of CHT as well as Bangladesh. This council starts its journey with a great responsibility to make awareness to the deprived students of Marma in socially, culturally and politically. After its appearance, this council has set its foot in 28 years by passing so many adversities. On the way to this long journey, the leaders of Bangladesh Marma Students’ Council(BMSC) has involved in activities like offering month-long free coaching program, assisting in admission related activities at various public universities for many students, making primarily dropped out students toward school, providing education-related materials for the poor and talented students, distributing relief for the fire-damaged family, arranging blood campaign, etc by going to the indigenous inhabited region.


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