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Bangladesh Marma Students’ Council

Bangladesh Marma Students’ Council

Bangladesh Marma Students’ Council was established on 24 October in 1989. On that time a social movement begins among the 2nd largest race in Chittagong hill tracts which is formed by the Marma Students’ from 3 hill places who study at different college and universities in Dhaka. This movement is also familiar as Education movement of BMSC. From the beginning of its establishment, the BMSC is firmly committed to build up right and overall development for all the kinship groups of CHT as well as Bangladesh. This council starts its journey with a great responsibility to make awareness tp the deprived students of Marma in socially, culturally and politically. After its appearance, this council has set its foot in 28 years by passing so many adversities. On the way to this long journey the leaders of BMSC has involved in activities like offering month-long free coaching program, assisting in admission related activities at various public universities for many students, making primarily dropped out students toward school, providing education related materials for the poor and talented students, distributing relief for the fire damaged family, arranging blood campaign etc by going to indigenous inhabited region.
The BMSC are also fighting always in protesting the violation of human rights and oppression on women and children in CHT as well as whole Bangladesh. Besides, thid council creates poet, litterateur, essayist, story writer, intellectual and writer through various publication, making active role in reconstructing the society. we extend thank, gratitude and warm welcome to the student society, former leader and many well wishers for cooperating in various activities of this organization during its long journey.
BMSC started its activities by forming a central committee in which the president was assigned to Mr. Mong Thwai Ching Marma and Mr. Mong Sai Qua Marma was given the post of Secretary. By identifying education as only weapon, the family of BMSC has made a good introduction in creating awareness to the society that consequently leads some hundreds students to the various institutions of higher education in country at present than before. Retaining the ideal and moral of BMSC by many of the former leaders, they are leading in many areas home and abroad. The former activist of BMSC are representing the Marma kinship as well as Bangladesh to the various international institutions as they engage in bureaucratic or government service holder, financial institutions, law and judiciary department, various autonomous institutions, information technology and media,NGO and Journalist.
like other organization, BMSC has complete constitution which consist of 10 chapters and 45 clauses. Besides, it has a team song of which the writer U Ching Mong and the composer was singer Mong Sa Twai Chowdhory.
On the leadership of Chaw Thwi Pure, this song has been translated into Marma language with the help of Bangladesh Marma singer groups. The Structural system of BMSC is –
Central Committee -27(Members)
District Committee -21(Members)
Upazilla /Thana Committee -17( Members)
Regional Committee -11(Members)
Convener Committee -7(Members)
According to information provided by the Central Committee, there are 35 branches committee and a cultural committee in whole Bangladesh and have been working relentlessly as per the clauses of constitution. On the way to long path, education has been identified as main weapon. At present, two hostel belongs to BMSC, one is for male and another one is for female. These are started in Bandarban Sadar and there is also a library called ALLANRONG.
A hostel of BMSC exists also at Boroichori in the upazilla of kaptai under the district pf Rangamati. There is a plan for setting up hostel in Dhaka and Chittagong City in future that seeks cooperation from all.
The Aims and Objectives of BMSC are-
1. Managing the expansion of education among the Marma as a whole and keeping active role in forming progressive society.
2.Beyond the personal interest, neutral and constructive gratitude will be taken into account first. but for the greatest interest of the nation in case of education and society, a movement will be formed if need arises.
3.Maintaining equality for overall welfare of the county by maintaining brotherhood relation with all irrespective of race, religion, caste besides Marma community.
4. Retaining, preserving and developing the literature, culture, tradition etc of the Marma.
5. Managing employment opportunities for Marma. for this purpose, raise claim to the government for the Marma.
6.Arranging various activities like publicity, publication, meeting, cultural program, group study, seminar, annual reunion for the Marma students’ to exercise open thought and develops hidden talents.
7.Playing appropriate role for the welfare of county and nation by maintaining unity and uniformity through the communication with Marma students’ living different region of Bangladesh.


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